Xactimate Estimate Writing Service

We are a property damage estimating service specializing in writing claims invoices using Xactimate software.  Serving the insurance and restoration industries, our clients include contractors, homeowners, adjusters, and lawyers.  We do not represent you or advise you, except as to the best accepted methods of writing your estimate.  Your logo and information is what appears on your estimate, not ours.

Estimate Writers is staffed by Xacimate instructors, former adjusters and contractors that understand all aspects of the claims industry. It was the first and is still the most experienced online service of its kind. We have written thousands of estimates for every imaginable type of damage. Finally, our trade specific forms make submitting your info a breeze.

How EstimateWriters Can Help You?

We will write your Xactimate estimate for you.  It can be done to initiate a new claim or to respond to an adjusters estimate that you feel is too low or missing necessary items.

Our clients call on us when they are:
Not skilled in Xactimate preparation
Too busy to handle their work flow
Stuck trying to do a complicated estimate

Our Clients Include: Restorations Contractors, Remodeling Contractors, General Contractors, Remediation Contractors, Water Extraction Contractors, Drying Contractors, Emergency Services Contractors, Painting Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Cleaning Contractors, Siding Contractors, Specialty Contractors, Adjusters, Lawyers, Property Management Companies, Building Owners, and Homeowners

We Write Estimates for Damages From: Collapse, Sewer and Drain Backup, Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Freeze, Hail, Hurricane, Weight of Ice and Snow, Lightning, Sewage, Smoke Cleaning, Theft, Tornado, Vandalism, and more.

Other Services Include:

  • All Other Causes of Loss Estimates 
  • Adjuster Estimate Re-Writes 
  • Sketch Assistance

Contact Information:
EstimateWriters, LLC
Tax ID: EIN # 47-3696788

Phone:   702-327-0536
Fax:       877-867-7720
Email:        EstimateWriters@AOL.com
Alt. email:  

Our Most requested Estimates


*Until things return to normal after the Hurricanes of September, we will not be ordering EagleView Reports for our Clients and ask them to order their own by visiting www.EagleView.com

Roofs - use of our forms is required  
Without an EagleView
$49 - Our basic roof estimate when written from information and calculations provided solely by the client. 

With an Eagleview purchase:  Currently not available*
$79 small  (up to 20 Squares)
$99 medium (20-40 Squares)
$129 Large (over 40 Squares)
commercial at $139 per building  
These prices include the Xactimate estimate and the best available Eagleview 

- use of our forms is required 
$59 - When written from information and calculations provided solely by the client. 
$139 - When ordered with an EagleView Walls purchase. 

Smoke Cleaning Estimates - use of our forms is required
3% of the total - $100 minimum

Floods, Fires, Drying, and most other Losses
For an estimate written from scratch, our fees are based on 1% of the total estimate, $100 minimum. This is for an estimate written in our office with information that you provide on our forms. Your information can be sent to us by fax, phone or email. Payment can be made by PayPal or credit card which is for your protection. 

What is Xactimate? 
It is the software that we use for preparing your estimates.  It is for estimating property damage. Created by Xactware, it is used almost universally by insurance companies to price materials and labor. Xactimate provides specific pricing for every zip code in the US and Canada, updated monthly.  An Xactimate estimate outlines the specific items necessary to restore the property.  Making your bid without knowing the Xactimate pricing is not advisable.

*We often use EagleView' Technologies Roof and/or Walls Reports.  Both are respected by the insurance industry.  With these amazing reports and some additional information from you using our forms, we create an impressive and accurate estimate for you.  If you already have an EagleView Report, please send it with your submittal.

How to Get Started - Generally Speaking
Find more specific information on pages pertaining to your type of estimate. 
Send us everything or anything that you can:  

  • Our Form (where required)
  • Adjuster’s estimates
  • Specialty Bid Items
  • Photos
  • An EagleView report, if you already have one
  • Floorplan drawings - highly recommended

Email to:  Info@RoofEstimators.com  - Roofs & Siding
                   Or:  EstimateWriters@aol.com - For all other Estimates

Xactimate helps us determine with accuracy the cost of mitigation and repairs pertaining to a covered insurance loss. The settlement of a claim is often frought with disagreement as to what is fair and reasonable in achieving the goal of restoring the contractural rights of the insured. A well written estimate represents the negotiating posture of the party explaining its opinion of the right corrective course.

Turn Around Time - What to Expect
Roofs and SidingWithin 24 hours after your submittal and payment, Sundays not included.  Possibly additional 1-3 days sometimes, for orders that include an EagleView purchased through us. 
All other estimates - Typically, the turn around time is 1-2 days.  Busy periods and large estimates may take longer.  Call us before submitting, if you are sweating a deadline.  We want your business.      

You Have a Fantastic Opportunity
As a part of the insurance restorations industry, you should provide Xactimate estimates. Xactimate is the primary billing software of the claims industry. Without it, you cannot price the job appropriately. Most of the insurance people that you negotiate with, use only Xactimate prices. Sometimes it's like insurance people speak another language. We write Xactimate estimates for you. At your direction, we include all the items that you believe are necessary to complete the repairs. Your estimates are organized and understandable, and done by professionals. We've done thousands of estimates and are very highly skilled. Our Xactimate training has included many formal courses, continuing education, and for some of us, practical application as field adjusters.  But our experience, having seen estimates written by thousands of others, made us the best at what we do.  The best of the best.

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